Friday, November 2, 2012

Rule #1,104

No matter who wins the American presidential election, the world isn't going to end.


  1. How many times did military pilot suck that little boy's dick? How many times did that pedophile suck that child's penis?? Confused how prostitution works, he let the boy drive his car if the boy let him copulate him. He left the neighborhood before the boy "came of age" so a homosexual pedophile he remains for life.
    Is there a connection with the transsexual clue with his "wife"?? Is it connected or is this a separate dysfunction?
    Was he ever tested? He had a period of sexual promiscuity after enlistment in an attempt to prove he was a man, desperate to erase his history. Did you ever send an attractive tranny to see if he would take the bait?? He did:::His wife!!!
    You can only imagine what the military's scathing evaluation of his dysfunctional personality had to say.
    The greeks don't want no freaks. Sould have killed himself like in his movie.

  2. Wow! This obviously isn't my anonymous:-) World didn't end. God's still in charge.