Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If I Leave Here Tomorrow, Will You Still Remember Me?

Tomorrow's rule will be the end of this blog for the foreseeable future. This a decision I've argued back and forth with myself, but, with my current load of responsibilities, a daily updated blog is something which I can no longer continue to maintain. There may be rules at some point in the future again, but 1,000 rules seems like a good place to stop for now. For all of you who have been faithful followers of this blog and enjoyed it, thank you for your devotion. For all of you who have been faithful followers of this blog and not enjoyed it, I might ask why, but I suppose I owe you thanks as well. There are many trite words that could be said, none of which might sufficiently express my feelings at this, an end of an era in my life; in earnest simplicity, I will merely say goodbye. I'll miss you all.


  1. "Sunday, February 2nd, 2009
    Rule #1
    Always carry a pen, or always be with someone who is carrying a pen."

    Anytime I do not have a pen I say aloud, "Rule number one."

    What a great run, Josh. I've really, really enjoyed reading this over the years. Thanks for the time, thought, and effort you have put into this project. Your faithfulness was appreciated. Well done.

  2. Wow, I discovered this blog last year and ever since I check your blog every day to see what new rules you put up. You did a really good job.

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