Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rule #491

The internet is a great place for people who love to argue.


  1. You sir are an idiot. You clearly know nothing about the Internet and I know for a fact that it was invented by communists because they want to control the masses through argument and so they created the facade of the World Wide Web as a front for brainwashing and mind control and Barack Obama is the leader of it and also George W. Bush and what does the Bible say? We should never muzzle the Ox that treads out the put a muzzle on an Ox when you do not want him to eat. Besides all that my dear brother, I am an evangelist of 25 years, that is why they call us "The Singing Evangelists" my also is a minister...I suppose you have a problem with that also. I bless and curse not...

  2. And it's unforeseen kiss now.